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Meet Laura Lilies

slow fashion

The talented designer & founder of slow fashion label Kinga Csilla.  I am obsessed with her nostalgic nod to print and timeless embroidered details woven into each piece. 

1. How did Kinga start and what’s the meaning behind the name ?
 Kinga started because I wanted to create the beautiful clothes that I couldn’t at other brands I had previously worked for. I longed to make the embroideries and block prints that were always considered too much of a troublesome production risk or too expensive to make. I also wanted to create a calm, kind and nurturing work environment and show my daughter (and now son)  that fashion and business doesn’t need to be cut throat. You can make clothes and be kind to your staff and makers. 

2. I love that you incorporate your Hungarian & Italian heritage into the embroidery pieces of your collection. Where else do you draw your inspiration from ? 
I’m so proud of my Hungarian heritage ! But my Italian roots run even deeper.
La dolce Vita is always a source of inspiration. The perfect Ligurian seaside holiday provides me with endless inspiration. Linen anyone?
My great grandmother was an hotelier, she worked in Manila, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. I’ve inherited a couple of pieces from her wardrobe and some jewellery, mainly from her time in Hong Kong. I guess that’s where my love of chinoiserie comes from and I often incorporate 50’s era Chinese embroideries into our collections. Nonna Angela is a bit of a business muse too, I have a gold cross that she used to wear and it reminds me when I’m doing emails at 11pm that the hustle is in my blood. 

3. Blending motherhood with business can feel quite overwhelming. What’s your favourite piece of advice to other mums, running their own business.
Mumma’s life is OK!  Work will get easier! People will question you, at times, crazy, sleep deprived decisions but if your gut says do it; Then do it. As for your kids, they’re watching a passionate woman build something from scratch and that shows them that they can do that too. If they want. Also, this was a massive practical lesson for me; GET HELP! Kinga really became an absolute joy for me once I got the right people on the team helping out. It’s daunting to think about employing people, I know, start small … a baby sitter for a few hours a week can make a huge difference. 

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