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Top 5 Clean Beauty Swaps

Top 5 Clean Beauty Swaps


After my adrenal fatigue breakdown, I knew I needed to clean-up my act on the skincare and beauty regime. And minimise the harmful chemicals I was mindlessly applying to my body and face daily. My hormones were so irrational and all-over the-shop from the adrenal breakdown, that it was an absolute necessity for my healing journey. I am by no way 100% toxic free yet, but I am proud to say I am around 70% toxic free in my beauty and skincare regime. It can feel super daunting to clean up your whole beauty and skincare regime, so I suggest go-slow and start with these suggestions first.

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I could not rave more about this product or how important it is for all women to swap to a toxic free deodorant asap. And it's the only all natural, toxic free deodorant that stands the test of summer in Hong Kong ! 

This hero product does it all. No need for a separate eye cream, toner or moisturiser. This award winning wild crafted essential oil, enriched serum is so hydrating, brightening and firming on all ages and all skin types. 

I have never really thought these products were any thing wow until... I tried a sample of the Agent Nateur body oil. It is a firming body oil that hydrates the skin and helps to tighten and diminish the look of cellulite, and reduce the appearance of scars with a powerful combination of activated oils.

Having come from a perfume junkie status ( cue spraying multiple times through the day ). I now can't stand the smell of the commercial perfumes... how ever pretty the packaging is. I adore the blends that Courtney creates in her home are not over powering. And that they are 100% mood lifting, when you roll these on your wrists. And mist on your body, home surroundings and bed linen.


Here is my list of amazing clean make-up products, that works !
Liquid BB creams, Foundation and Primers -
Highlighters, bronzers, eye shadows and lip tints -
'Nourishing Face Oil' cleanser and make up remover in one ( works magically with the Vanderohe Face serum applied after ) - by green skincare queen Tata Harper her other stand out glow-worthy face products is the Resurfacing Mask
Lip glosses and lipsticks -


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