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Kitty Paloma

Kitty Paloma - Tulum Hair Clip

BrandKitty Paloma

Designed in Melbourne. Made from an eco friendly new wave of Bio-Acetate, each unique hair claw clip is produced from completely renewable sources, like cotton and wood pulp. 

Absolutely no petroleum is used in our products. They are also 100% plant based, 100% hypoallergenic and contain no nasty harmful phthalates like plastics do. They are completely biodegradable in soil and seawater, reducing the impact of waste and blending back into nature at the end of their very long wear cycle. 


Bio-Acetate. A new wave of eco friendly and biodegradable hair accessories for all hair and personality types.  

100% Bio-Acetate. Plant-based cellulose acetate 

• Custom Tulum colour-way in a jungle green and ocean blue  
• Grande Claw Clip - 11cm length with custom Kitty Paloma engraved logo
• Suitable for all hair types - wavy, curly, thin or thick. 
• Free from harmful Phthalates that occur in plastics - good for you and good for the environment 

Size: 11cm in length

Care:  Gentle wipe clean with cloth.

Note: we can not exchange or return this item. It's final sale.

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