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The Slowdown | by Kate Pascoe Squires

The Slowdown | by Kate Pascoe Squires

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How did the concept of The Slowdown evolve for you? 
In March 2018, I decided to “wave the white flag” and take some time away from work and social media to focus on rebuilding my health – which had completely fallen apart over a long period, primarily due to stage four endometriosis, but also from being an ambitious type-A personality that literally never knew how to stop. When I posted this news on Instagram, I randomly hash tagged #thekpsslowdown… and that really got me thinking. What actually is a slowdown?
A few months later, I really started to explore this concept – first on social media, but then it really took on a life of its own. I started to talk more about the slowdown concept, but from a place of non-judgement and acceptance. I am not all about green smoothies and yoga, but that’s cool if you are. I really wanted to explore how people stepped off the treadmill – for a moment, a day, an hour, a week… even a total life overhaul. Where do people find their joy? How do they find it? How does any of us slow down when we are all under such constant pressure from all facets of our lives?
When these conversations started, I realised there was a real thirst for these stories – everyone’s stories. Not just the shiny stuff we see on the socials, but the nitty gritty details of how we are staying afloat. And that’s how The Slowdown Press was born.
How important is meditation in your life? And how do you integrate it into your busy daily life. 
It really is so important – it’s the one thing that really grounds me, a morning practice that sets me up for the day. It’s funny, because I would have never thought of myself as a “meditation person”… too “woo woo” for me. However, when I learnt the practice with Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place, I can honestly say my life changed almost immediately for the better. It’s not only about that 20 minutes with your mantra, it actually helped me form new views of the world and develop a deep understanding of compassion, strength and clarity.  If I miss my morning practice in favour of extra sleep, I don’t feel quite right that day – so now I know, I just need to get it done and I’ll feel the benefits. It’s always worth it.
You talk about vulnerability throughout your interviews on The Slowdown Press ~ How has the meaning of vulnerability changed for you?  
I honestly don’t think I had a concept of vulnerability until a few years ago. You put your amour on, get things done and never show your vulnerable side for fear of it coming back to bite you on the ass. But what I was missing is that the beauty of life is in vulnerability. When you’re prepared to open yourself right up, amazing things almost always happen.
What’s your favourite quote that’s guided you into learning
to take things slow? 
“Don’t take it personally”… we always think that the people around us are reacting to us, what we’ve done, what we’ve said… but it’s so rarely the case. Everyone is in their own world, probably worrying about the same things, so the best way to live your life is to just stay in your lane. Another great quote is “What people think of you is none of your business”… just brilliant.  And very liberating once you grasp the concept.
What’s you top 3 #slowdown rituals?
How do they help you to find your slow
Swimming – getting into the ocean is my number one slowdown. All seasons, I never regret a swim.
Incense, crystals and potions – I love loading up on all the good things that make me stop for a minute, get grounded and stay present. They all look so lovely dotted around our home and office. Tiny little things can make such a difference to the quality of your days.
Cooking – I adore getting into the kitchen and cooking up big dinners for my family. I always prepare way too much food, but the intention is to always deliver it with love. Our family is like everyone’s… sometimes the kids want to eat at the table with us, other times it’s a real struggle, often they just want toast instead of what we’ve prepared... you get the gist. Whatever the family dynamic in that moment, at least I feel like I’ve delivered a delicious (can I say that?!) and nourishing meal… even if it is only my husband and I enjoying it that night!! Always with a glass of wine too. I’ll blame my Italian heritage for that!
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