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Meet Ayah Tabari


Meet Ayah Tabari

We've fallen hard for the wonderful and colourful world of Ayah Tabari and her joyful label Mochi
The SS18 Mexico collection made our hearts stop. Full of rainbow bright embroidery, patterns and details... 
all inspired by the magical world of Mexico. We asked Ayah a few questions around her SS18 Mexico collection.

We are just so excited to have your SS18 Mexico collection on The Slow Mode… can you tell us a little more about the design
inspiration behind this stand out collection? 

" It’s sometimes hard to visualize the collection until you are in the country; for me, this is the last part of the puzzle. I already knew the silhouettes I wanted to create, so it was a case of sourcing the embroidery and a chance for me to become immersed and inspired by the Mexican
artisanal culture.” 

How much planning time goes into finding the right artisans for this collection in Mexico ?  

" The journey is normally around 10 days, I visit all the markets where indigenous people live enabling me to witness first-hand the craftsmanship and care that goes into creating every unique embroidery and fabric produced in the Yucatan. From here, I spent time with the Mayan people and learnt about authentic Mexican culture and the reasons behind their vibrant reputation."

" To plan the trip as I always travel alone, I normally work with an NGO who speaks the language and helps me with the translation and to communicate effectively with the artisans. I would say I spend a month planning my trip to make sure I make the most out of traveling so far, we work on such a tight schedule and are under huge amounts of pressure to produce collections season in season out
so I cannot afford to waste time."

These covetable hand-embroidered pieces won't last long. Pre-order yours on The Slow Mode shop now. 

2 Responses

Lotta Jarbrand
Lotta Jarbrand

August 02, 2019

I love the yellow dress! I need the yellow dress! Where can I find it?
Best Lotta

Anita McDonnell
Anita McDonnell

August 01, 2018

Hi – Will you be doing your shirtdress in a large? I love it but I am a US size 10 and you don’t have a large :-(

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