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Meet Courtney

Meet Courtney


Courtney Kirby created "Courtney and The Babes" in 2014. It began as an online store for her wall art and sharing her love of essential oils on her blog. Blog posts and sharing the oils lead to offering her handmade essential oil roller blends, and not far behind followed the creation of Cleanse - the crystal, aura and home purifying mist. 

Being able to combine certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, crystals and helping others form a more natural environment within their homes is what drove her to build her beautiful botanical apothecary.

All of her natural products are made by hand with love in small batches by Courtney in her home in Melbourne, Australia.

Shop The Slow Mode selection of C+TB's botanical apothecary products here


Cleanse crystal infused home spray and Chill Pill oil roller part of the Anxiety Set

Body + Home crystal infused mists: Cleanse, Love Like, Dear Dream
If you want to go further into detail about the essential oils she uses, why she uses certain ones and awesome suggestions for a non toxic home swap check out her blog here

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